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EZ Contests RULES Page!

Contest Rules

The BEST part about our contests is that YOU set the odds of winning!
Once you enter a contest. You will be able to see ALL of the other people that are entered in that contest. Plus you will see exactly how many photos they have entered. So you will know how many more photos you need to add to better your odds of winning!

You will ONLY see Nicknames and how many photos they have entered. You will NOT be able to actually see the photos. Just the number amount.

Like I said on the previous page. If your skeptical. Try entering the glamour contests a few times to get the feel of it.


(Please read BEFORE entering!!!)

1.You may enter ONCE per category!
2.You may enter every week or month. BUT you can not submit the same photos twice EVER!
3.No Professional photos of any kind!
4.No writing on photos! The date and time are OK. But NO additional writing on photos allowed!
5.Contests run from the FIRST to the LAST day of each month. Contests end at midnight on LAST day!
6.Winners checks will be mailed within 2 weeks after the end of the contest!
7.You MUST enter at least 10 photos to enter ANY of our contests! Read below for details!
8.You can NOT submit the SAME photo twice! If you enter every month. You must submit NEW photos! (This includes ALL photos!)
9.ALL contest photos are destroyed at the end of each contest!
10.ALL photos submitted must be a minimum of 1000 X 1000 pixels in size! (Enter FULL sized photos to be safe!)
11. ALL photos submitted must be the owners photos! ANY fake submissions will be deleted!

Last but not least!

ALL contests are FREE to enter! They are paid by our sponsors.
Please help keep these contests free by visiting our sponsors (click on banners) once in a while! :-)

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